A Better Man:
The true story of one man’s
incredible journey

Dave Franke might have been content to lead the life of a simple cowboy. But he believed in the American Dream, and he burned with ambition to make his mark in the world. He parlayed building a single house into riding the crest of a building boom in Central Oregon. He owned and operated the largest construction company in the state, and his childhood bride, Peggy, was with him every step of the way. They called themselves Bonnie and Clyde. It was the two of them against the world.
When the Great Recession hit, and interest rates topped 24 percent, they lost everything they had worked so hard to accumulate. Peggy concentrated on raising their four daughters; Dave turned to the bottle. Alcohol became his demon, and that demon ruled his life until one day, out on the broad sweep of the desert, God and Satan had a fistfight over his alcoholic soul. Dave, in a moment of divine intervention, was forced to confront his demon. The demon was strong. The battle of opposing forces raged until Dave was about to lose the one thing he valued most – Peggy’s love – and then he was forced to make the choice to turn his life around. This is a powerful story of profit and loss, of weakness and of strength, a story of failure, and deliverance, and redemption. This is the inspiring story of one man’s incredible journey.
Popular award-winning author, Rick Steber, has more than 40 titles under his belt and sales of over a million books. Rick is the only Oregon author to have won the prestigious Western Writers of America Spur Award – Best Western Novel. He is a keen observer of the changing American West and he articulates these changes in prose that are boldly descriptive, invigorating and creative.
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