The Oregon Department of Agriculture is accepting applications for partial reimbursement for some of the costs paid to become organically certified by a US Department of Agriculture accredited certifier or renew such certification. Oregon growers, processors, and handlers who are certified organic by USDA accredited certifiers are eligible to receive 75 percent of their certification fees reimbursed, up to a maximum of $750 per certification or category of certification.
This reimbursement is also available to Oregon growers, processors, and handlers renewing their certification. Applications must be received no later than October 31, 2015.
Authorized by the U.S. Farm Bill, the program is designed to assist growers, processors, and handlers of agricultural products in obtaining certification under the national organic guidelines. ODA has been allocated $351,810 in reimbursement funds for eligible costs paid during the period of October 1, 2014 through September 30, 2015, which will be available on a first come, first serve basis until all funds have been distributed. Eligible growers, processors, and handlers are encouraged to apply as soon as possible to be assured of receiving funds and to avoid missing the deadline. Applications must be received no later than October 31, 2015.
An estimated 777 certified organic growers, processors, and handlers in Oregon are potentially eligible for partial reimbursement.
Information and application forms are available online at .
For more information, contact ODA’s Marketing Program in Portland at (503) 872-6600.