The first annual Robins Equity Research Roundup, presented by Catalyst Research Management Group, was held at Skamania Lodge October 8th and 9th, and brought small and microcap equities together with portfolio managers, hedge fund managers, retail brokers, mutual fund managers, and individual investors.

There is a cluster of people who like to follow small cap stocks, according to Marc Robins, creator of the Robins Equity Group Roundup. Robins, who published The Red Chip Review for nearly 10 years, has been following small cap stocks for nearly 40 and is considered an icon in the industry.

“If you want new science and new innovation, go to a small-cap company. If you want job growth, if you want capital appreciation, go to a small-cap company. It’s exciting. It’s where new technology and growth comes from; it’s where wealth comes from,” said Robins, who is currently putting the finishing touches on his upcoming book, Confessions of a Ten Bagger Junkie. A ten bagger is an investment that appreciates to 10 times its initial purchase price.

“Not enough great things can be said about Marc and others in the industry who have a passion for undervalued, vaguely understood companies that have a tremendous amount of potential. There are very few guys who can make a sustainable impact for small companies in the public markets the way he can — and that is purely as a result of the track record he has developed over the course of his career,” said conference presenter, Mitchell Roth of Southern Concepts.

During the Robins Equity Research Roundup sixteen companies were allotted 40 minutes each to explain what made their company a sound investment choice. A short question and answer session followed each presentation. The afternoons and dinners allowed for more queries.

According to John Coyle, an attendee of the conference, it gave him an excellent opportunity to visit with company management and be made aware of small companies which get little or no coverage.
Four companies from the Pacific Northwest were among those presenting.

CUI Global, Inc., led by CEO William Clough, is a technology company that develops innovative electro-mechanical products. The company has also patented the Vergeance ® Gas PT2 which is a natural gas metering device. CUI Global, Inc. is located in Tualatin, Oregon. For more information visit:

Eastside Distilling, located in Portland and led by CEO Steven Earles, produces high-quality, master-crafted spirits. The company started in 2008 and their products continue to gain in popularity. More information can be found at

David LaVance

Entia Biosciences, Inc. is a biotechnology company, led by CMO Marvin Hausman MD and CFO Tim timmins, and based in Sherwood, Oregon. According to Entia its ErgoD2® platform may play an essential role in achieving iron homeostasis in various disease states and will be the core of their innovative medical therapies, which aim to positively affect DNA syntheses, red blood cell production, neuronal function, and the immune system and are proving applicable to diseases such as Chronic Kidney Disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Alopecia, Psoriasis, and those suffering from hair loss. For more information visit:

H-Source is a cloud-based marketplace for the medical field. Hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers are able to buy and sell medical equipment with each other. The company, led by John Kupice was incorporated in 2014 and is based in Spokane, Washington. For more information visit:

“I thought the event was well organized and gave participants the opportunity to showcase their business and network with interested parties,” said Kupice. “Marc Robins is critical because he understands high growth companies like ours and provides value added advice and networking opportunities for businesses like ours.”

The conference began by 8 a.m each day; box lunches made it possible for companies to present during lunch and each day was wrapped up by 2 p.m. giving visitors the chance to enjoy the beauty of the Columbia River Gorge. Some spent the afternoon hiking, others played golf, while others went on a wine tour. This scheduling platform was well received.

“The most beneficial aspect for me in making the trip to this and any conference is the opportunity to meet and strengthen relationships with other investment professionals,” said Peter Seltzberg , of Darrow Associates. “Secondarily, with the structure of this particular conference, I had the opportunity to participate in quasi-social events that I normally do NOT do – a barbecue dinner at Marc’s home, a wine tasting at Oregon vineyards, and a round of golf. As a result I was able to spend quality time with a financial writer, a money manager, and CEOs of companies that I otherwise would not have had an opportunity to get to know. Each of the presentations was also an opportunity to challenge my analytical skills and to consider whether I would want to own shares of each stock, and/or represent each company for IR (potential new business channel).”

Evening entertainment included a presentation by Roger Wendlick as he assumed the role as one of the Frenchmen on Lewis and Clark’s travels. Wendlick once owned the largest, private collection of books on and artifacts of Lewis and Clark; his library is now located at Lewis and Clark University in Portland. A trip to the Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum (WAAAM) was another highlight of the conference. While there, Guy Zajonc, of Endurance Exploration Group, Inc., gave a fascinating presentation on his companies treasure hunting expeditions to shipwrecks around the world. Zajonc’s also showed a few ‘home movies’ of a dive he went on to explore the Titanic.

“I thought the conference was a terrific opportunity to talk about our business in front of a handful of analysts and investors that I otherwise, likely, would have never met,” said Roth of Southern Concepts. “The most beneficial part of the conference for me, was the opportunity to create some awareness for our public company with finance industry guys, who can really make a difference.”
Other presenting companies:

Air Industries Group, led by Board Member, Michael Recca and based in Hauppauge, NY.

Calmare Therapeutics Incorporated, led by CEO Conrad Mir and is based in Fairfield, CT.

Endurance Exploration Group, Inc. led my CEO Micah Eldred is based in Clearwater, FL.

Galaxy Gaming, Inc., led by CEO Robert Saucier and is located in Las Vegas, NV.

Galectin Therapeutics, Inc., led by Chr. Jim Czirr, is based in Norcross, GA.

Hydorcarb Energy Corporation, led by IR-rep Mike Watts and is located in Houston, TX.

Integrated Environmental Technologies, LTD., is led by CEO David LaVance Jr. and is based in Little River, SC.

Lakeland Industries, Inc., is led by CEO Christopher Ryan, and is located in Ronkonkoma, NY.

SITO Mobile, LTD., is led by CEO Jerry Hug and is located in Jersey City, NJ.

Southern Concepts led by CEO Mitchell Roth and is based in Colorado Springs, CO.

Xplore Technologies Corp., is led by CEO Phillip Sassower and is based in Austin, TX.