By Lori Kimbel
The second annual Robins Equity Research Roundup, presented by Catalyst Research Management Group, was held in Hood River and brought small and microcap equities together with portfolio managers, hedge fund managers, retail brokers, mutual fund managers, and individual investors.
According to Marc Robins, creator of the Robins Equity Group Roundup, there is a cluster of people who like to follow small cap stocks. New science, new technology and job growth are all part of small-cap companies. Robins, who published The Red Chip Review for nearly 10 years, has been following small cap stocks for nearly 40 and is considered an icon in the industry. Robins is currently putting the finishing touches on his upcoming book, Confessions of a Ten Bagger Junkie. A ten bagger is an investment that appreciates to 10 times its initial purchase price.
“Marc and this event gave me access to many people that I would not have otherwise had access to and the format of this conference was unique in that it allowed for opportunities to talk with people outside of the walls of a conference room or office; I played a round of golf with two money managers and an internal investor relations consultant/executive, and enjoyed dinner and a cocktail each night with fund managers and other investment professionals, where we had a chance to get to know one another to build relationships and trust, which is a key part of my job,” said presenter Peter Seltzberg.
During the Robins Equity Research Roundup companies were allotted 40 minutes each to explain what made their company a sound investment choice. A short question and answer session followed each presentation. The afternoons and dinners allowed for more queries.
“The conference was valuable in that it allowed me to meet with a group of stock brokers, institutional fund managers, independent money managers, high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and other financial professionals and corporate executives to network, and present Energy Focus (NASDAQ:EFOI) as an investment candidate within the sector or LED Lighting/energy tech/clean tech/green tech,” said Seltzberg. “I presented the company’s investment thesis to a group of about 40 people, many were people I had not met before, and the value was in promoting the name of the company, the stock, the business of LED, and building out the audience of investment professionals who will potentially invest in the stock. My business, as an investor relations consultant is to build an audience of qualified prospective investors, and I ended up adding about 10 people to our distribution list, I gave out about 20 business cards, so there are plenty of people who could potentially reach me and follow up with me about Energy Focus.”
The conference began by 8 a.m each day; catered lunches made it possible for companies to present during lunch and each day was wrapped up by 2 p.m. giving visitors the chance to enjoy the beauty of the Columbia River Gorge. Some spent the afternoon hiking, others played golf, while others just explored the area. This scheduling platform was well received.
“The scenery and spirit of the Columbia River Gorge is a big part of what makes this conference one that I will look forward to going to each year. I have attended each of the first two events, and as an avid hiker and outdoorsman, I could not resist stopping for hikes on the way from the airport to the conference venues. I took a hike up the Elowah Falls last year and I did Multnomah Falls this year. I hope to do some fishing or jet-skiing on the Columbia River next year as an excursion next year. I also really liked some of the people that I met at the conference and on the way there, special thanks to the cook over at Ye Olde Pub in Troutsdale, where I stopped on the way out of Portoland for an incredible hamburger-“The Farm Burger” , a hamburger with an egg, bacon, ham, lettuce tomato, pickle onion, and I can’t remember what else, but it was great,” said Seltzberg. “I look forward to helping Marc add to his roster of exciting companies participating and encouraging other investment professionals who pay attention to small and micro cap stocks to attend.”

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