Travel Oregon recognizes that our region’s legendary rain may be its most famous winter weather pattern, but it’s hardly our only one. Remarkably, sunnier (or snowier) skies are rarely more than a couple hours away. Travel Oregon’s new Oregon Weather Compass is the first-ever mobile site designed to point local and visiting explorers to the weather they want, along with a range of activities to make the most of it, using real-time weather data provided through a partnership with The Weather Channel.
“Oregon’s diverse geography is well-known, as travelers can take in pristine beaches, rugged mountains, high desert and lush valleys without leaving the state,” said Todd Davidson, CEO of Travel Oregon. “Distinct climates come with such diversity, meaning that somewhere in the state this winter the sun is shining or the snow is falling. We’re pleased to make it easy for explorers to find the weather they love, as well as activities that will allow for maximum enjoyment and memorable moments.”
Developed by Wieden + Kennedy, the Oregon Weather Compass is a mobile site for explorers geographically located in the state or within 300 miles of its border. According to a recent study by Pew Research Center, the most “universal” task among smartphone users is accessing location-based information, with 90 percent of users seeking directions and other location-related details. With an eye toward this behavior, Travel Oregon set out to ease the trip-planning process, leading with weather-appropriate suggestions for various locales.
“Oregon has a lot of different weather climates any time of year, from the coast to the mountains to the desert,” said Matthew Carroll, art director at Wieden + Kennedy. “We just want people to know they can find the weather they’re looking for, even in the middle of winter.”
When using the Oregon Weather Compass site, users simply hold their phones flat, like a compass, then select a snow, sun or rain icon. Users are taken to a location page featuring a potential destination within a reasonable drive (183 cities and towns around Oregon, along with associated attractions as featured on, are represented). The location page includes the destination’s description, expanded weather forecast, driving directions, and a link to more information and possible activities – from coastal storm watching in the rain to snowboarding down slopes of fresh powder to kayaking rushing waterways in the sunshine. The site conveniently links to navigation, and a share button is ideal for rounding up fellow adventurers to join the fun.
The Oregon Weather Compass is a free site and only available as a mobile experience. For more information, visit