The United States Secretary of Transportation, Anthony Foxx, appointed Travel Oregon CEO, Todd Davidson to serve on the National Advisory Committee on Travel and Tourism Infrastructure (NACTTI).
“I am honored to be appointed to the National Advisory Committee on Travel and Tourism Infrastructure,” said Todd Davidson, CEO of the Oregon Tourism Commission, dba Travel Oregon, and current national chair of U.S. Travel. “The travel and tourism industry plays a pivotal role in the growth of our nation’s economy. Travel-related spending helped add jobs back rapidly after the recession and drive export growth. However, future travel industry growth will be stymied unless we take a holistic, systematic approach to addressing our infrastructure, from our transportation systems – including air, rail, roads and bridges – to our public lands infrastructure. I look forward to collaborating with industry colleagues to propose solutions that will grow the US economy and create jobs here in Oregon.”
As an appointed Representative Member of NACTTI, Davidson will represent the viewpoints of the Oregon Tourism Commission and the Oregon travel and tourism industry. Representative Members will develop measures for the condition, safety and performance of transportation related to travel and tourism; develop planning tools to assist Federal, State and local officials in making transportation investment decisions related to transportation projects that improve travel and tourism while addressing issues of transportation policy and programs impacting the movement of travelers for tourism and recreational purposes.
Travel and tourism is a vital component to Oregon’s economy, generating $10.8 billion for the state’s economy and employing more than 105,000 Oregonians. Travel and tourism is the third largest export in rural areas of the state behind agriculture and extraction-based sectors.
Travel Oregon’s mission is to create a better life for all Oregonians though travel and tourism, which includes enhancing communities throughout the entire state by enriching local economies, creating jobs and advocating for improved infrastructure.
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