We are all part of something much larger than ourselves and trying to find our way can sometimes be very difficult. Some choose to believe that the world is happenstance and we are all just floating around on a big blue ball in space together.

 Others choose to believe that everything is predefined and all we can do is accept our fate. Most of us lie somewhere in the middle and our worldview is one of recognizing that circumstance and free will operate together. Some of us even believe that there are supernatural or spiritual forces that can work in conjunction with our own will to change things beyond our limited human capacity.

While I surely don’t think that I or anyone else currently living on this planet have all the answers I do believe that we exist in an interconnected community. Over fifty years ago a meteorologist named Edward Lorenz found that by rounding numbers by only hundredths of thousandths of a given variable caused his global weather prediction patterns to change drastically. The resulting studies and experiments branching out into other fields of study led to what we now call the “butterfly effect”. In essence the thought is that everything in our world is so interconnected that a butterfly flapping it’s wings in one part of the world may change the weather pattern ever so slightly, but enough to create a “ripple effect” and create a tornado or hurricane in another part of the world. Marvel’s recent box office hit “Avengers: Endgame” plot centers around this concept by illustrating that one tiny decision by a person can change the future in such a way that the entire universe can be either destroyed or saved.

If we can accept the idea that any decision we make can have a profound impact on our world how do we use that ideal to change the world in a positive way? How might we be able to improve the outcome of our and other’s lives and create a better community now and in the future?

What if a decision I make today can change the outcome of my community (both locally and globally) in a positive way? What if a small act of kindness can change the outcome of a person’s life and end up changing the outcome of my own life and the lives of my children, grandchildren, and so on?

I propose that the love and kindness we show others has the capacity to have profound effects in our community and that we can all work together to create an even greater impact. Blue Lion Ministries was birthed from this concept by divine inspiration and adherence to the imperative to love our neighbor.

Our mission at Blue Lion is to meet people where they are in life and offer guidance to any resources they currently need. Some need physical provision while others need mental health counseling or spiritual guidance and support. Our goal is to create a network of people and resources in the Gorge who can provide love, acceptance, and anything else necessary to help our neighbors in whatever situation they may be in. 

We at Blue Lion need information about resources already available in the Gorge so we can create an information network to help our neighbors. We need names and contact information for current physical, mental and spiritual health resources such as non-profit, faith based and professional organizations already available. Also, if you personally provide or are willing to consider providing assistance to your Gorge neighbors we can add you to our network. As individuals we each have a limited capacity to help and while you may think that your contribution is tiny it could forever change someone’s life and have a positive effect on our community. 

Please contact us at bluelionministries@gmail.com or call 360-524-3780 with information or any questions you may have about our ministry.