It’s been a wild and crazy 2019 already. Rick and I are finally settled and love living in North Bonneville where we are surrounded by beautiful mountains, and wonderful places to hike. We are set on walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain in a year or two, so we are finding this is the perfect place to get in shape for that hike.

Not only are there great places to hike here in the Gorge, but there are also some really great places to eat. One of our new-found favorites is Walking Man Brewing, be sure to read my write-up on their place and their amazing pizza.

We also decided to forget about work for a day and went exploring in our new backyard. I write all about that adventure on page 7. Since then we have found even more caves to explore, but large flashlights or lanterns are a must before we venture inside of any of them.

Be sure to read through the article from Governor Inslee’s office. As a side note, The Gorge Business News does not claim either side of a political party. It is our belief that there are good things happing on both sides of the aisle and we will report as such.

Of course we all know we are coming upon fire season and I would like to encourage everyone to really be careful with their backyard burning, their campfires and to be diligent while in the woods to keep an eye out for any spark that could get away and wreak havoc on our beautiful region.
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