By Karen Johnson

With nothing more than an old used van, a dream and a desire to do great work, a young and eager Scott Bird and his bride Jody began a journey that would turn into a legacy.

If someone were to ask Scott if he was raised on a farm, he could emphatically reply, “Yes!” He grew up in the Tri-Cities and worked with his dad until the age of 19 when he left to the land of Germany to serve a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. After his return he attended Rick’s College (now BYUI), where he met his sweetheart Jody and they married in 1983.

The Apollo journey… Scott was told by the bank that they didn’t think he was a “good investment.” Boy were they wrong. After procuring a small loan he was able to purchase a business to call his own. Apollo Drain & Rooter was on it’s way. Their mission statement, “Big enough to do the job, but small enough to care” would carry them through many years of hard and difficult work. Using their own apartment as their headquarters and Jody being navigator with the large and cumbersome Thomas Guide Map Book, they offered a flat rate of only $26.50, no matter how long it took or how challenging it was.

In 1985 Scott and Jody were blessed with their first baby boy, Brandon. Baby Brandon was continuously by Jody’s side as she answered phones, scheduled jobs and handled the paperwork. Over the years juggling work, marriage and parenthood the Birds eventually grew to become a family of 5 with 3 energetic boys!

With discipline, hard work and a good sense of humor, the young family survived many ups and downs. Tough economic times challenged their survival in the industry, but they kept going. No matter what challenges they faced, they did so with strength and integrity, always willing to help out their fellow members of the community.

As the Bird Boys have grown into men, they have fully immersed themselves into the family business which has become one of the fastest growing full service plumbing companies in Oregon and Washington.
In 2014 the family became the first in this area to invest in the latest technology of plumbing called Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP). It is their dedication to a growing industry that instilled in them the desire to share this with an area where it is so desperately needed. CIPP, a trenchless lateral drain line repair, is the perfect answer to the root intrusion problem that is so prevalent in the NW. Old pipes aren’t getting any younger and the degradation is a serious problem. Luckily, Apollo is a leader in the installation of LMK’s CIPP technology.

Today Scott and Jody revel in the joy of a family of 17, which includes 9 grandchildren. Their company of two has grown to over 50 employees. Their mission statement, standards and love of the work are a testament to their trade. They have great appreciation for the community and their continued support because they wouldn’t be where they are today without them.