Ahh Spring!!

            Our Daffodils are blooming, and our grass is almost ready to be mowed for the first time. Winter slipped by quickly and quietly for us, but not so for my friends and family in NE Oregon and SE Washington where flood waters wreaked havoc in a matter of minutes. Please consider donating to the Red Cross if you’d like to help our neighbors to the east of us.

            As I write this there is a whole lot of panic about the Coronavirus/Covid-19. I hope you all stay well and stay calm.

            We have gone on a lot of adventures since our last issue.

            A trip to the coast with our granddaughter Emilee was one of the highlights. Along with a trip to Vegas to the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International convention where we learned so much. We are excited to put it into practice for this year’s wedding season. If you are looking to hire photographers for your wedding, we are currently running a special for half off the engagement shoot. We would love to help you celebrate your special day.

            We are continuing our quest to go on 52 hikes this year. A favorite of ours is just down the highway from us at Fort Cascades National Historic Site. I am going to try to get around to posting about it on my Ramblingwanderer.com

            Inside this issue of The Gorge Business News you are going to find some positive things taking place at businesses, in cities and throughout the region.

            The Dalles was in the top five cities to compete on the Small Business Revolution, and while they did not win, the progress made during the process was incredible and really life-changing for the city and its citizens.

            Read about Frost and Flour and how they are making a difference in the lives of Foster Children.

            If you haven’t eaten at Mill City Brew Werks, well, even if you have….go…their food is delicious and if you like beer that seems to be pretty popular as well.

            Also, thanks to Tim and Mary Boyle for their generous donation of $10 million to OHSU that will help in Cancer Research.

            Thank you for reading this publication, it is a privilege that you choose to give of your time to read these pages. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have a story to tell or a suggestion to make.

            And always Carpe Diem (Sieze the Day)

                                    Rick and Lori