After 68 years of being known as Skyline Hospital – the only independent public hospital in the Gorge – the organization is changing its name to Skyline Health. The new name reflects Skyline’s commitment to growth, excellence and innovation in services throughout its communities and is not part of an affiliation with a larger health system.

            Where Skyline started as an emergency and inpatient care facility, it has expanded to a continuum of health care, which includes hospital services, emergency care, transitional care family medicine, specialty services, infusion services, physical therapy, care coordination, and community health and wellness.

            “We are excited to announce Skyline Health will be the official name,” said Jonathan Blake, Skyline Health’s board chair. “It’s a name that is sensitive to our rich history, yet an evolution in terms of being considered more than just a hospital.

            “We know this is a change for our communities and want to be sensitive to those who have known us as Skyline Hospital for so long. We see Skyline Health as the next generation of health care and reiterate our commitment to our community in keeping each individual healthy and well,” continued Blake. “As we focus on the present, it is important for us to pay respect to the many years we have spent as Skyline Hospital. Our dedication to our patients is why we are here and motivated to embark on this exciting journey for the future of those we serve.”

            In addition to a new name, Skyline is also introducing a new logo. The logo represents the Columbia Gorge region with the “S” & “H” becoming initials, an abstract mountain and river, as well as a link connecting us with Skyline’s partners, patients and community.

            “The rebranding reflects positive change for Skyline,” said Elizabeth Vaivoda, Skyline Health’s marketing director. “It shows a modern, more current and innovative approach in all we do. In this spirit, we will continue to provide the same level of excellent compassionate care.”

            For more information on the rebranding, visit or email