It’s becoming increasingly difficult for older farmers to hand over their operations or keep them in the family. It’s as challenging as ever for younger would-be farm operators to gain access to the land. The graying of Oregon’s farmers and ranchers is an issue receiving a closer look this fallContinue Reading

USACM Hires Executive Director Michelle McGrath takes the lead at Cider Association The United States Association of Cider Makers announces Michelle McGrath as Executive Director.   “This is an exciting time to be a member of the cider community. The industry as a whole is growing and diversifying rapidly. CiderContinue Reading

GreenWood Resources, Inc., a Portland-based global investment and timber management company, has received a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Leadership Award, which recognizes excellence in the use of FSC-certified products and a commitment to responsible forest management.   Thirteen companies from across the country earned awards from FSC, an independent nonprofitContinue Reading

Oregon’s population now tops 4 million people. Whether the continued population increase negatively impacts agriculture remains to be seen, but the state’s land use protections are more important than ever, according to officials with the Oregon Department of Agriculture.   “Two must-haves for Oregon agriculture are land and water,” saysContinue Reading

Gorge Grown Food Network & the Rockford Grange present Up Up! Farm Film Festival January 15 at 5:30 p.m. at the Rockrod Grange, 4250 Barrett Drive. A series of independent films & shorts that explore the questions of farmland, access, rural livelihoods and sustainability of people and place. A local,Continue Reading

After testing out a new, strategic approach to improving water quality in targeted watersheds of Wasco and Clackamas counties, the Oregon Department of Agriculture is ready to expand the effort to seven new areas around the state, each receiving direct outreach and education as part of the plan to addressContinue Reading

About one of every five principal operators of Oregon farms and ranches are female. While that may not seem like a high percentage, it is ten times the percentage found in Georgia. The comparison made quite an impression on the US Department of Agriculture’s number two ranking official who stoppedContinue Reading