Wow! What a summer! I hope your summer has been every bit as fun as mine has. This past Saturday I attended the annual Timber Tiger Lodge party, which takes place on the side of the Elkhorn Mountains, overlooking the entire Baker Valley. The food was fabulous, the band wasContinue Reading

Here we go, summer is in full swing. It’s time for camping, fishing, bike riding, kayaking, hiking and all other types of outdoor activities.   I was lucky enough to start my summer off at Barton Park in Boring, Oregon where a portion of my family got together to camp,Continue Reading

Well, just like that, summer is over, the leaves are starting to fall from the trees and winter is just around the corner.   The fires have died down, yet some still burn, the danger however is nothing like it was in the heart of fireseason this year.   OfContinue Reading

This letter is coming to you with a heavy heart. As I write this letter, smoke from the many forest fires that are burning hot in th PNW lays thick along the street by my house and in my yard.   Three men who were fighting one of the beastsContinue Reading