By Lori Roach

Hungry and thirsty we walked into Walking Man Brewing in Stevenson and found seating at a table on the outdoor patio, where the atmosphere was relaxing and the service was great.

Rick ordered a No Man Is An Island beer that he enjoyed. According to the Walking Man Brewing menu this beer is a big brown ale brewed using English Crisp Malts, flaked oats, and a large helping of earthy, spicy Mt. Hood Hops. It is then finished in the brite tank with boysenberries from Oregon Fruit Products. Brewed in collaboration with Thunder Island Brewing of Cascade Locks.

We also ordered a Jester and Judge Blackberry Hard Cider from Stevenson and it was absolutely delicious.

No Man is An Island and the Jester and Judge Blackberry Hard Cider satisfied the thirst, but what about the hunger?

Rick ordered the Pub Burger and thought it was flavorful and juicy. The cheddar cheese, along with the Kaiser roll satisfied his hunger and of course to top off the burger were the amazing garlic aioli fries.

The rest of us shared a hand-tossed, Artisian pepperoni pizza which quickly became my favorite pizza of all-time. Wellllll……there were the pizza’s made at Consolo’s in Elgin, Or., but those were the pizzas of my youth and we all know things from our youth take on a ‘bigger-than-life’ persona as time goes on and Consolo’s has been closed for decades now, so with that Walking Man Brewing’s pizza holds top honors in my favorite pizza category.
We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Walking Man Brewing, so much so we decided to have lunch there on a Friday afternoon. With clouds overhead and a chill in the air we quickly dismissed the thought of eating on the patio and stepped inside where the place was filled with customers enjoying their food, their drinks, and each others company.

We slipped into one of the last booths available and once again ordered a Pub Burger and a pepperoni pizza….yes this is my all-time favorite pizza and I am so glad I live just ten minutes away, so will be able to enjoy this delicious pizza on a regular basis.

I encourage you to stop in at Walking Man Brewing, they are open year-round Wednesday – Sunday from 11:30 am – 9 p.m. On Sundays between Memorial Day and Labor Day you can also enjoy their Summer Music Series.

Be sure to check out their Facebook page for more information and to keep up to date on everything that is happening at Walking Man Brewing.