By Lori Kimbel

With phase one of the Mountain Vista’s Subdivision in Hood River now complete, sisters, Sally Moss and Linda Shipley are ready to focus their energy on phase two of the project.
Phase one included 25 lots and as of December they have all sold. Phase two will begin in April and has 17 lots. The sisters are hoping to begin phase three of the project before the year is over, but it is possible for it to be pushed into next year, depending on the red tape that goes along with development.
“There is a very big need for housing in Hood River,” said Sally. “Mountain Vistas has been a nice contribution to the city.”
The site where the subdivision is located was once the family orchard, but as times changed Sally and Linda realized it was not a big enough orchard to be economically feasible.
“It was a hard decision to take out the orchard,” said Sally, who realized it was a necessary decision to make. They sold 20 acres to start their business, realizing they could develop the land just as easily as the next person, so they did.
Sally and Linda have been in the development business since 2004 when they developed 90 lots between that time and 2007. Between 2008 and 2012, when the recession was in full swing, they sat on 22 lots.
“We were able to weather the recession because we owned the land, then in 2012 we could see that the economy was beginning to turn around. It is a risky business, time consuming and challenging,” said Sally, who, when not developing a major subdivision, likes to quilt, read and spend time with her family.
Lots are approximately 5,200 sq. ft. and start at $115,000. There is a playground near the subdivision and Horizon Christian School, Westside Elementary and Hood River Middle School are all nearby. Shopping and medical care are within walking distance and some of the lots have mountain views of either Mt. Adams, or Mt. Hood.
“The most rewarding part of this project has been dealing with the individuals who are buying the lots for their future homes,” said Linda. “It is great to see their excitement about their future. The homes are all very different which has created such a wonderful neighborhood. We feel that Mountain Vistas has been a great addition to Hood River at a time when housing is in such great demand.”

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