by Norbert Fensterwald

Growing up in the 50s and 60s in NE Portland, there weren’t a whole lot of organized things to do or manufactured toys with which to play. We amused ourselves with ball in vacant lots, “Red-light, Green-Light” in the street at night, Army throughout most of the neighborhood’s back yards and got into trouble throwing dirt clods in Fernwood School’s back yard. Brother Tom and I also listened to phonograph a lot (you know, a record player) and one of the best recorded stories was about the “Man in the Union Suit.”
This make-believe chap could repair anything…car, bike, trike, kite…You get the idea. Indeed, part of the ditty included, “If you’re ever in a jam, You can send a telegram, To the man in the Union Suit.”
Bingen, in the Gorge, may not have a handyman (I guess now its “handyperson’) as versatile and resourceful as the Union Suited fellow, but it does have DJs Mountain Motorsports right on Highway 14 to help those mid-Columbia River Do-it-yourselfers with just about every project imaginable.
When we moved to the country, we had no idea what we might need in the way of tools and what was going to need to be repaired or better adapted to our needs. With the projects starting, and going and still going, we soon learned that DJs was our “Go-To” shop for all of our power equipment, tool and supply needs that was local and resourceful. Needed a stump-grinder: DJs had the tool. Wanting to buy a new chainsaw: DJs had three major brands to choose from. Required mower repair: DJs has a back repair shop that can handle any kind of small engine repair.
The outfit has been owned by Dave and Jan Clark for over two decades. They are open on every day but Sunday and major holidays. My “go to” guy is Doug at the sales and rental, but there is a team of people who are incredibly helpful. I’ve gotten every problem ever presented solved, rented whatever tool needed, bought what I thought I needed and the helpful staff has assisted with information, advice and even loading said rental tool.
I asked what some of the more requested rental tools was. The answer sounded as if I was Morrison-Knudson about to build a dam: mini-excavators, earth augers, Ditch Witches, compacters and the list went on from there.
And if the man in the Union Suit needed to make home calls, he could go in style with his ATV from DJs. They make available lines of personal transportation vehicles—4-Wheelers, Side-by-Sides, Snow Mobiles and had so for just over three years. I was told that the store was also expanding their apparel and accessory lines from just the expected logging equipment and basic outdoor apparel to all kinds of snow/dirt protective gear.
Being somewhat of a city boy, I asked if it were just the vacation seekers that use these ATV and togs and Ed Arnold, a local rancher-farmer-logger spoke up, “Are you kidding me, I use my 4-wheeler every day out and about my place.” DJs sure has one client advocate.
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